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I tell people who want to get into radio that it’s very competitive, and they will run into people like me who are willing to spend all of every weekend far from home sleeping on a cot in a cold room in the studio just to have the job. It’s something that you have to want more than you want your comfort or other things in life.—Sandy Bennett


Like the second sons in the European tales of yore, Charle Vasar left the house of her parents at the age of 18 and set off into the world to seek her fortune.  She found lodging with cheap rent that also provided free workouts: first stepping over the homeless man sleeping in the doorway, she toned her gluts; then proceeding to the dumpster she pressed weights using a stick to open the lid; there she practiced Zumba by dodging her four legged rat “instructors” as they lunged out of the garbage at her.

It was living on the corner of 32 and Lorain in Cleveland that allowed her to meet Cristobal Santiago who had hosted the Puerto Rican show on Cleveland’s Nationality Radio station and who inspired Charle to pursue a radio career. ...

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...She interviewed for an Air Talent position in the afternoon and went home to catch a nap. Grabbing the phone from a dead sleep, she heard a now very familiar voice with a thick Boston accent, John Gorman, the Program Director at Majic 105.7.  He revealed that she got the job and they wanted her to start that night.  They wanted to change her name to Sandy, Sandy Bennett. If she thought of a better last name in the next couple of hours, let him know, otherwise she was now Sandy Bennett.  Her initial reaction was “call me anything you want, just don’t call me working five part time jobs to make ends meet.”

This was the birth of Sandy Bennett and a successful run at WMJI.  It was a golden opportunity to work with some of the best in the business. ...


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▪ West Texas – one of her first jobs during an appearance
 ▪ Backstage Moondog Coronation Ball 1997 - Gene Chandler Duke of Earl
 ▪ Staff photo from Majic
 ▪ Cast cartoon from Majic
 ▪ KOZA Odessa Texas 1984 -  3rd radio job
 ▪ Honored at a reception when she won an Addy Award for a commercial she wrote and produced W. TX
 ▪ Cartoon Sandy at Majic
created by famed creator of the WMMS mascot, the Buzzard, artist and illustrator David Helton

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